Facebook and Twitter are among the most preferred social media platforms in the world. Interactions with your brand in these highly consumer populated areas may create new opportunities for your business growth. SmartMessage Social collects all the interactions with your brand to turn them into meaningful and intelligent marketing data.

Figure out how you can transform Social Media signals into prospects


Empower social listening with detailed content analysis

SmartMessage Social will enable you to implement deep contextual analysis of the social media interactions. With options like sentiment and word analysis, classification of content by data or subject, SmartMessage Social processes your social media data flow forming a base for a consistent message delivery across all channels. As a simple example; keywords can be reproduced to catch more posts automatically in the system.

Use agents to create timely responses improving customer satisfaction

SmartMessage Social will empower you with advanced search options and use of agents to get back to your customers instantly. SmartMessage Social users enjoy the merits of quick search on Twitter and Facebook and also search filters with keyword, brand name, language and other details. SmartMessage Social allows agents to post replies to provide quick assistance to the customers. Moreover, these replies can be approved by an administrator to avoid issues during the delivery of the right message to the target audience.

Improve your engagement even better with detailed social media reporting

SmartMessage Social delivers you the detailed and useful reports to outline the social media interactions tied to your brand. Reports such as agent performance, post, social media users, variation statistics will empower you with critical warnings of your social media engagement performance.